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Custom Rugs - BeSpoke Services

Complement Your Home Décor Taste With An Area Rug That You Aspire

Design Your Own Rug – Bespoke Services

Design Your Own Rug – Bespoke Services

Share you rug design with us or let us help you to create your dream rug with our bespoke services. MAT Living is focused to create customized rugs those are high in quality and durable. Rug customization can be in material, color, size, and shape.

Custom Rugs – Bespoke Services 

See your ideas coming to life with our expertise. We can transform your ideas into a beautiful, bespoke rug.

MAT Living is always open to new ideas in rug design, and we have an infinite number of possibilities. Our Bespoke service allows you to design an area rug entirely from scratch, either from an idea you have or developed together with our expert designers.

As well as a variety of weaving techniques and materials you can explore, there is also a spectacular range of colors to choose from- No matter what you have in mind. We can help you create the rug of your dreams using our expertise and experience.

Weaving a bespoke rug takes time, just like customizing an existing design. However, you will be delighted to see it delivered as a unique piece conceived of from your imagination.

Browse our custom rug sizes if your space needs some style. We have a wide selection of custom rugs in numerous colors, styles, and sizes that are sure to complement any room. You can use the following tips to help you choose the right custom rug for your space:

The shape of Custom Rug – Rugs can be made to fit any size space - from larger-scale areas in the home to small rooms inside. Whether you need a circular rug, custom square carpet, tailored rectangle rug, or long thin runners, we can create them in any size. We will always offer advice on what weave is most appropriate to match your design.

Measure – Do not underestimate the importance of measuring the dimensions of your space before buying your rug. Make sure to allow a 12" to 18" gap between the wall and the edge of your rug.

Add an accent – Rugs can serve as great accents for rooms. Bold colors, patterns, and shapes are perfect for adding variety to any space.

Custom Rug Material – Consider the space to determine the type of material. A durable, easy-to-clean material like wool or nylon is appropriate for high-traffic areas. For low-traffic areas, cotton or silk are good choices.

Custom Rug Color – We offer many different yarns and weave techniques that can be combined to produce the perfect rug. With hundreds of color tufts, there is no need to compromise, and we can even dye the rug to match your style.

Custom Weaving Technique – Our craftsmen hand-weave the rug after the wool is dyed and you are satisfied with the design and colors. We can produce a small sample for approval.

MAT Living premium bespoke service gives you complete control of the design, production technique, and materials used in your rug or runner, regardless of its size, scope, or purpose. The materials you can choose are New Zealand wool, silk, bamboo viscose, rayon, among others.

We can provide complementary color samples upon request. The color matching services offered by MAT Living include matches to industry-standard color systems, such as Pantone and RAL, as well as physical samples. Our team will be able to match your fabrics and color cards to colors within our existing palette, or we can dye the fabric specifically for you.

Our design team will work with you at every step, right from the conceptualization to the completion of your rug. Our services include- art-working, Pantone/color matching, and free color samples.

Whenever you have a rug design in your mind, we are always available to talk to you.

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