The Ansari family has been in the business of creating beautiful flooring and home furnishing products for almost 80 years. The official business name, MA Trading Company, was named after Mohammed Ayub Ansari, a well-respected man known for his good morals in the workplace. He had a strong faith for ethical business practice; whether it is a customer or a worker in the factory, he showed compassion and treated everyone with equal respect and dignity. 

His son Naimullah Ansari, founded the company in 1966 and combined his father’s legacy of integrity and passion for the craft with new developments for the business to better serve the market.

Today, MAT is being run under the leadership of the third & fourth generations. They have expanded the business that now supplies to various brands and labels in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and USA. They are operating weaving mills in Bhadohi, India, employing over 3,000 rug weavers and craftsmen. They have established its presence in the US with sales and distribution facilities in Redondo Beach, CA, and, have put up permanent showrooms across the states. 

The Ansari brothers, together with an eminent team of master weavers, creative designers, colorists, and a powerhouse of sales professionals, are taking the family business forward to many new and exciting areas in the global marketplace.


Empowered by our heritage, MAT leads the global market for designing, manufacturing and supplying beautiful flooring and home furnishing products. We partner with companies, designers and consumers in the industry to continue on the legacy, making a difference in the lives of the people creating our products, the weavers and the craftsmen - the true artists to be valued for their hard work.


MAT’s success came as a result of our commitment to work in the highest of standards and creating a healthy environment for every person in the workplace.

Commitment to Design. 

It is important for us to have a team of experts dedicated to staying ahead in the industry’s fashion and design trends. We are working with designers from different parts of the globe to produce fresh and unparalleled designs. 

Commitment to Quality.

We are ISO 9000 certified and therefore, every step of our production process abides by international standards to produce only the finest quality of products for our customers all over the world.

Commitment to the Environment. 

We work actively to maintain our 14001 certification. We comply with current legislation for waste disposal and recycling measures. Since much of our production is carried out by hand, the process has minimal impact on the environment. We create new and innovative design and products where we can re-use most of the waste materials from production.

Commitment to our Workers.

We continue our efforts to promote the social and economic health of all our employees. We work actively to enforce women’s rights and provide them equal opportunities in the company. Our SA 8000 certification implies that we provide our workers with the best possible working environment.

All MAT Rugs carry the “Care and Fair’ label, ensuring all our rugs are independently certified as child-labor-free rugs. We welcome surprise inspections on our weaving center and assist in the rehabilitation and education for former child weavers.

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“The weavers are the true artists and they are entitled to be respected for their creation and hard work” - MAT CEO, Shakeel Ansari