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Rugs & Carpet Affiliate Program | 10-30% Sales Commision | Mat Living


"MatLiving" is one of the leaders in the rug industry for eight decades, providing an endless collection of area rugs to their customers all over the world. It is a specialty store that helps to find the perfect area rug to decorate your home with the most beautiful carpets. 

The company is offering an affiliate program with an interested group of people, to complete our commitment to providing high-quality and eye-catching area rugs.
Our handmade Rugs will make the space feel comfortable and give a moody elegance to the homes styled by you, simply with the click of a button. If you wish to learn more about our affiliate program, read below.


We have a USA-owned and operated business, and we have a reputation for fine-quality and unique design language in all aspects of the rug business. 
We offer free shipping in the continental USA with an Easy return policy and Easy Monthly Payment Plans. With Partner Affiliates, we are trying to recruit qualified associates, and help them join the Affiliate Program. The objective is to transform the lifestyle of the workers and the artisans, the customers, as well as our Partner Affiliates. Not only will an affiliate find the contemporary designs that are in vogue, but also learn about the various styles of rug-making and design, including the world-winner Scandinavian Designs, and help enhance the look and feel of the end user's décor.


Apart from getting access to the finest rugs database, you also can avail the following benefits upon joining the Affiliate Program:

  • You will get the Competitive baseline Commission
There's an opportunity with great offers and Sale sneak and peeks.
There are Exclusive and affiliate-only promotions.
If you join this Affiliate Program, you will get free shipping in the continental USA
  • 10 to 20% commission in each sale.



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