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Types of Rug Weaving Techniques – MAT Living USA

A rug is a piece of art. But, the creation of all area rugs is not the same. There are multiple methods to create a rug similar to many rug materials to build them with. Which type of rug construction or material are best for your dwell décor is completely dependent on the area you want to layer the area rug, the décor style you are opting for, and last but not least your budget.

Rug construction defines how the rug is built which makes all the difference. Regardless of whether it's a hand-knotted rug or a hand-woven one, the development matters: it will decide the look, surface, quality, and durability of your floor covering. Here is a couple of regular floor covering developments to note while selecting a Rug.

Weaving rugs demand a certain level of skills and a specific degree of expertise for the weaver. There are multiple types of rug weaving techniques that are adopted to create rugs in various styles and designs. Each demonstration of weaving comprises selecting choosing a specific rug material, color, design, weaving technique, and finally a finishing process where the rug finally turns into a refined piece of art and solace.

Here are multiple types of rug weaving techniques that artisans use to produce rug with multiple rug materials, colors, and textures prompting the diverse type of rug developments and afterward utilize the rug completing cycles.

Here are some major types of rug weaving techniques –

Hand-knotted Rug

Hand-knotted Rug, Types of Rug Weaving Techniques – MAT Living USA, weaving area rug, hand-woven rugs


Best for large spaces and living room.

Hand-knotted rugs are created by one of the most standard and captivating strategies of the weaving area rug. The hand-knotted style of weaving is primarily found in oriental countries and subsequently imitated by the Europeans. Hand-knotted rugs are designed on a special kind of loom in a rug factory. In this weaving method, the specific design of the area rug is already known, so the stands can be placed on the loom to create the entire rug. Rug material is wrapped vertically on the loom. The craftsman creates knots on the wrapped strands and then cuts them before proceeding onward to the resulting knot. Then, the artisan creates horizontal rows of wefts across the knots to build a pile impact. These wefts are majorly created of silk, wool, or cotton. Afterward, craftsmen start knotting the material strands to create a sophisticated rug design.

Every rug later experiences the cycle of rug completing interaction (like washing, leveling, adding gloss) contingent on explicit user prerequisites. Rugs are created utilizing high-quality materials such as wool, cotton, and silk. Delivering Hand-knotted floor coverings is tedious yet they become specialties of deference, things of assets by individuals who esteem craftsmanship.

This is an acutely tedious and time-consuming activity that takes almost one month to complete one rug. The weaving time entirely depends on the design and complexity. Wool, cotton, silk, jute, and other organic materials are used in creating hand-knotted area rugs. Hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs generally last for many generations if they are maintained properly.


Additionally, rugs are precious collectibles. Hand-knotted rugs are differentiated into so many categories such as symmetrical knots, asymmetrical knots, solo wrap symmetrical weaving. MAT Living is a leading retailer of the hand-knotted area rug.

Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand Tufted Rugs, Types of Rug Weaving Techniques – MAT Living USA, hand-knotted area rug, hand-tufted floor


Best for family room, bedroom, living room.

The hand-tufted rug weaving technique is a bit less awkward than the hand-knotted weaving technique. A hand-tufted rug is partly created by hand and moderately by a mechanized tufting tool. Tufted floor coverings are usually made of wool. The method of designing a hand-tufted rug is entirely different from a hand-knotted area rug. A hand-tufted area rug is formed by punching wool fibers into a canvas that is extended on a casing with the assistance of a tufting tool which is operated by hand. The tufting gun has a needle on its front to speed up the rug making process. The tufting procedure is less time consuming and doesn’t require expertise skills like hand-knotting rugs.

After drilling the wool, the rug is detached from the frame. A hand-tufted floor covering needs backing to have a grip on the tufts in place. To complete the rug, a fringe is added by either patching or sticking it on.

Flat Weave Rugs / Hand Woven Rugs

Flat Weave Rugs / Hand Woven Rugs , Types of Rug Weaving Techniques – MAT Living USA, flat rugs, hand-woven rugs, Flat-woven rugs


Best for high traffic areas, kitchen, playroom, or entryway.

Flatweave style rugs don’t have pile, as these floor covering are handwoven on a loom. These rugs are both handmade or machine made by wrapping or wefting the yarns. As these flat rugs are not weaved onto a backing, so you can reverse and use them. It is important to layer a rug pad beneath a no pile rug to avoid slippage. Flat rugs are highly durable, easy to maintain, long-lasting, and perfect for high traffic areas. If no pile rug is made with synthetic fibers, then it will be perfect as outdoor area rugs.

This is one more category of a handmade rug. Hand-woven rugs are usually known as “flat weaves” because they are well, flat. Flatweave area rugs are created with no piles. Flat-woven rugs are made with cotton, wool, and jute strands. Handwoven floor coverings are woven like a basket and look identical from the front and back sides. These rugs are exceptionally durable and great for high traffic areas.

Hand Hooked Rug –

Hand Hooked Rug, Types of Rug Weaving Techniques – MAT Living USA


The hand-hooked weaving technique requires a foundation cloth and a rug hook took. The hooking tool is pushed through the front of the foundation cloth and pulls out again from the front of the cloth. Small loops are created by pulling a rug material through a canvas and protected by a backing. Don’t pull the sprouted fiber from the hand-hooked rug. Regular vacuum diminishes the shedding over time.

Braided Area Rug –

Braided Area Rug, Types of Rug Weaving Techniques – MAT Living USA, braided weaving technique


The braided weaving technique is still popular in country-based décor to create a rustic décor, but they also work great for bohemian style home. These rugs are usually made of cotton which introduces warmth and comfort with some brighter colors. Rug materials can be braided into long filaments.

Handloom / Loom knotted Rug

Handloom / Loom knotted Rug, Types of Rug Weaving Techniques – MAT Living USA


The loom knotted rug weaving technique requires a tool which is known as a loom to weave the material and tapestry. Loom grasps the wrap strings empowering the interlacing of the strings. This uses medium or low went strands like jacquard.

Machine Made Rugs, Types of Rug Weaving Techniques – MAT Living USA, hand-knotted rugs, hand-made rug


Machine-made rugs are created by large machines which are known as power loom. These machines are operated electrically and regulated by computers. Machine-made rugs can be built expeditiously with natural and synthetic fibers like wool, silk, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and acrylic. Relying on your customization, these types of materials could work well in your environment or collide with the overall interior. Machine-made floor coverings are economical alternatives to hand-knotted rugs and have a life cycle of 15 - 20 years or less, all rely upon the quality of the material.

Machine-made rugs are perfect for your home décor if you are looking for a rug that can handle more wear and tear without feeling guilty. The rug material may not be as scattered as a material that is on a hand-made rug.

Looking for the correct size of the area rug is all about understanding how the rug was created. Explore MAT Living to find which rug is best for your home décor and weaving technique do you need for your area rug.

Description –

MAT Living is providing a walk trough of multiple types of weaving techniques such as hand-knotted, hand-loomed, hand-tufted, machine-made, flatweave, hand-hooked, loom knotted and braided, etc.


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