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A floor covering is a home decorating component that should not be taken for granted. A luxury area rug anchors a room and ties all the home furnishing accessories together so that your bedroom or living room furniture doesn't feel like it's been thudded into space. Rugs add warmth, comfort, style, and coziness. If your home is feeling incomplete, you need to consider an area rug.

Profession interior designers have experience and understand how to bring hype to your home décor, conceal its imperfections, and make the interior inviting for everyone. Here are the top 10 home decorating tips for your home to spruce up your living areas without breaking your budget.


Set the tone at the front door

The very first impression is the last impression. If you like to establish an incredible first impression for your guests, paint the entryway door with a fun and glossy color. Red is generally considered a fortunate color in numerous cultures. A red entryway signified "welcome" to fatigued voyagers and on places of worship, it addresses a place of refuge.

Yellow and orange are two other color tones gaining popularity as they both are related to happiness and warmth. One thing that should go: an obsolete screen entryway. Dispose of it or supplant it with a tempest entryway with full-length glass that you can change out for a screened board. An entryway carpet can also be a way to bring style to your home. Ensure the size of your entryway rug is in proportion to the size of the door. Open and close your door multiple times and measure the distance between the bottom of the door and your entryway floor to add a sufficient vertical air gap. A pattern area rug for your entry door can be welcoming as well as forgiving.

Rugs to bring colorful character 

The oversize printed area rug in your living area room can steal the show, especially in a room that is completely organized. Torrance orange area rug is an amazing work of craftsmanship. This abstract floor covering is perfect for the beachy bedroom or coastal living areas. A handwoven area rug is weaved by skilled artisans with bamboo viscose and hand-printed designs. This floor covering is surely upgraded the interior of any spaces where you lay it down. Get the customized sizes as well. Choose an amazing printed rug to decorate your home.

Use soft pattern

Neutral furniture always demands an uplift. Try to accommodate the Moroccan area rug to complement your living spaces. Create comfort beneath your foot with a gorgeous grey, beige, and off-white color palette rug. Ensure the soft pattern rug is large enough that your furniture legs can be placed on it correctly. Instantly make your space more exciting and interesting with a Moroccan area rug. These Moroccan design rugs are envied by interior designers and décor lovers to relax their mood.

Weavers at MAT Living weave a Moroccan masterpiece that is a unique home furnishing accessories for your home décor. Beni Ourain rugs are aesthetically pleasing and filled with symbolism. The sophisticated geometric pattern makes this rug an ideal choice for any type of interiors. Checkout MAT Living’s selection of Moroccan area rugs.

Yes, rugs in the kitchen 

Nowadays, kitchen rugs have become very trendy! Introduce color, texture, and style by adhering to one or two area rugs and runners. Add a hand-woven runner rug between your cabinetry and island and look after the amazing revolution. Additionally, ensure that the grey runner is placed before the sink and experience luxurious touch beneath your feet while doing your daily kitchen chores. Try to induce a neutral color rug nearby the island or in the white toned kitchen go with the multi-color carpet.

Hallway monitoring

Putting a rug in the narrowed area of your home can attach comfort, protection, warmth, and even a dash of caprice, contingent on the decision of floor covering and the remainder of the stylistic layout. Rugs runner in hallways is long and rectangular that you can layer it in a high traffic area. Hallways are the most voyaged and noticed places in a home. Runners not only safeguard your hardwood floor from wear and tear, but they can also create a narrow space more appealing and alluring. Make your long hallways more inviting with a runner, because One of the spots in any home where a floor covering can have a huge effect is a lobby. Explore MAT living to determine the perfect rug size, pattern, and style that accentuate your home décor and ambiance of your dwell.

Tie a room together 

An area rug is a necessary home decorating accessories for a cohesive life. A floor covering can bring all the home furnishing items all together like sofa, chairs, and table. A modern carpet adds harmony and defines spaces. It's the genuine indication of a decent life to appreciate life with space for loved ones to unwind and have a ball. It's not difficult to allow your mat to accomplish the work in uniting individuals. It can fill in as the fundamental component in your room which will, thusly, be integral to the entirety of your social affairs. It's not difficult to perceive any reason why the floor covering integrates a room when you perceive how rapidly it turns into the feature of your space.

Introduce timeless style with luxury 

Leather area rugs are the best method to introduce coziness, comfort, and a touch of luxuriousness. Cowhide area rugs are the best floor covering for the living room, bedroom, home theater, and moderate traffic areas of your home to induce a contemporary look. Leather carpets have a rich color palette – majorly hides are naturally hued and also have solid-dyed options. Leather floor coverings are fabricated using natural, dyed, or stenciled hair-on hides. Which one will go with the décor is entirely dependent on your home furnishing, wall colors and the look you are dreaming for. Try to introduce a handmade luxury leather area rug that is created with a mixture of pure cowhide leather and New Zealand wool.

Improvise your small areas

Doesn’t matter if you have a small living area, you can still go with the luxurious style. The easiest method to create a bold and contemporary style is all about throwing down one or two customized area rugs. Due to their narrow width, these floor covers are ideal for putting in more modest areas where a bigger are rug may not be the most reasonable. This is one of the essential reasons why these runner rugs are so famous with homeowners who use them as a simple method to change a long cool lobby, a room floor, or a restroom from dreary and dull to warm and splendidly beautiful.

Introduce Multiple Textures

Utilize multiple textures if you still haven't found the ideal method to separate between your room and living space. Soft, super-rich materials will cause your presented bed to feel like a different room space. Stick to more nonpartisan floor coverings in your living space to truly allow the ones to approach your bed pop.

Tiny but powerful

Deliberately layer down small carpets all through your home in void anterooms, niches, and corridors to give your space a significant cosmetic touch up with only a couple of serene materials. 


Let your décor tell a story of your lifestyle. Follow our home decorating tips for your home to make your home more beautiful, inviting, and appealing. Explore the featured rug collection of Mat Living area rugs to bring modern cum contemporary style to your home. 


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Let your home decor dream come true. Follow MAT Living home decorating tips for your home to make your home more beautiful, inviting, and appealing.

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