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Renaissance Rugs & Area Rugs Collection | Semi-antique Rugs

MAT Living is the premier source of hand-loomed Renaissance Rugs, Area Rugs, and Runners. We are specialized in refurbishing the antique or semi-antique rugs. The iconic designs of old and semi-antiques rugs are easily recognizable. 

The Golden Age of Hand Loomed Rugs - Renaissance Rugs

Renaissance carpet is a type of Vintage Rug. Classical rugs are still a part of number of rugs designs. These vintage rugs include an array of designs and patterns. Decades ago, the carpet weaving was majorly known as painting but with time artisans added so many features and elements in Renaissance rugs.

Renaissance Art

The Safavid Dynasty revived and restored the old rugs with beautiful artwork of the time. These beautiful designs delineated proper nurseries and tile work that emulated the patterns used in carpet to improve the home interior.

Décor Your Home with Timeless Renaissance Rugs

MAT Living is expertise in fine hand-woven art and our each renaissance mat is different from another. Renaissance Vintage Rugs are mostly elaborated with a rich palette of hues and colors.

At MAT Living, We restore the old and semi-antique rugs by over-dying them with new fashion colors to add a sophisticated look to your home interior and exterior. The fine works of Renaissance Mat are majorly done by women artisans.

Features of Renaissance Rugs – Why MAT Living

  • Old and Semi-Antique Rugs
  • Restored
  • Over-Dyed
  • Hand-Stitched
  • More than 70% of Women Workforce
  • Made In India

Shop renaissance rugs, area rugs, and runners from MAT Living, a leading carpet manufacturer, and trusted by millions of customers for assisting them to choose the right rug.

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