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Questions You Must Have Before Buying An Area Rug

Questions You Must Have Before Buying An Area Rug

People love to add more colors in their homes to improve dwelling’s interior and exterior.

Area Rugs also play an important role in adding colors to your home decor. Nice flooring makes your home interesting and attractive for you and guests.

Rugs are not only considered as an essential part of home, but they are also a great investment. You spend once and get added beauty and life in return to your home. Along with bringing visual charm to your decor, they serve to provide comfort to any living space.

Apart from walls and ceilings, the next biggest and most eye-catching portion of your home is the rugs. Get the right one, and you are ready to rock, but choose one badly, and you will end but paying a pricey mistake that will make your room look odd. By looking at all these multipurpose natures of rugs, we can derive the fact that selecting one for your space adds the pressure of making the right choice. 

Whether you have been looking for the ideal rug, MAT Living is here to help choose the perfect area rug for your home and lifestyle.  

Here are some questions; you should have in mind before choosing and buying any area rug.

Choose Right Size

We advise you to choose the right size of area rug according to your living area spaces. Buying smaller or larger rug sizes can make your room look odd and it will not be a good investment.

The rug should ideally be big enough to put all the legs of your furniture on it. If your sofa and bed are against the wall, a smaller rug is enough to put only the front legs of the furniture on it. However, to maintain a pleasing proportion, buy a rug that is halfway underneath the furniture.

Choose Right Size

Choosing the right type of material for your rug depends on the room you are considering. For living rooms and hallway, where there is a lot of traffic, you need a durable and long-lasting rug. Here, you can go for flat-woven wool and cotton or a rug made of natural fiber like coir, seagrass, or sisal. For bedroom and under the dining table, you can choose hand-tufted or hand-knotted wool rug to feel soft under your feet.

Rug Color & Design

As you know, area rugs can represent your lifestyle and taste. It should be contrast with other elements of the room, in terms of color, texture, or pattern. If your room has a lot of pattern, then go for a single bold color rug. If your room is already full of colors, then choosing a rug with graphic pattern will provide a different hint to your room. However, if you are picking your rug first for the room, you have complete freedom to choose one that will be your room's main focus.

Pure colors give a formal and elegant look, while a mix of two or more colors creates a broader color pallet. If you are going with specific pattern, then bold medallions give a dramatic look while elegant fine lines give a pleasing effect. Check out our collection of Luxury, Modern, and Contemporary Rugs to find the best designer rugs.

Rug Pad

The simple answer to this question is that it is not necessary. However, it is recommended to use a rug pad under an area rug. Using a rug pad will help your carpet be in place and provide more cushion under your feet. More importantly, mat pads help extend the life of rugs by protecting its fibers from excessive wear, dirt, and moisture. It also protects your floor from scratchy scraps that may accumulate underneath and dyes that may percolate form the rug. Most of MAT Living leather rugs come with an added rug pad.

Care & Maintenance

Now, the final thing you need to consider is how to clean, maintain and keep your rug looking new. Most area rugs can be easily cleaned with regular vacuuming on both sides to eliminate loose dirt and dust.

You can even use a mild detergent or rug shampoo if you wish too, and gently scrub with a sponge or scrub. Rinse thoroughly until the water comes clean. Then, make sure to squeeze out as much water as you can from rug and dry from both sides. After it is dry, loosen the fibers with vacuum or brush. However, before doing this step, test a small corner of the flooring to ensure that colors won’t come off after washing.

Standard Rug Size Guide Infographic -

Complete Area Rug Sizing Guide

We hope that this blog has turned out to help to you in answering major important questions that you have before buying a carpet. You can now be more confident in choosing the right type of area rug for your home to go with your style. Don’t be afraid of playing with colors and patterns!


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