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Why Do You Need Runner Rug and How To Choose A Runner?

Every corner of your dwell requires décor to looks inviting whether it is your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallways, or staircase. Focusing on each detail is mandatory to create your home more comfortable for yourself and your guests.

Have you ever ended up investing your manpower and money in improving the narrow areas of your home but you are quite unsure how to do it? This is where runner rugs come into the existence. The runner is described as a long and narrow rug that usually comes in a rectangular shape. The length of this type of rug is serval times more than its width and layered the rug on staircases, bedroom, entryway, hallways, kitchen, and bathroom.

Runners have gotten in vogue around the world: they perfectly go with multiple décor options to fulfill the narrow living areas or inducing the fantasy of extending a specific zone. In this blog, we are going to know why you need a runner and how to choose the ideal one for your indoor and outdoor areas.


Runner Area Rugs


So, precisely what is the runner floor covering? Runners are not the carpets on which you run on – even though that would be the situation if you have kids. Still, a prime reason the long carpets are called “runner” because they are placed in narrow spaces with a ton of traffic. Runners are multiple times longer than their width. These runner rugs resemble being slim and stretched in length as though to fit a passage. These long rectangular runner carpets are usually placed in defined places. They fulfill multiple needs like directing individuals to a specific destination, bringing welcoming texture to an empty area, and preserving the hardwood surface from high traffic, scratches, and spills.  


Why do you need runner rugs?

Why do you need runner rugs?


Each home requires a runner carpet. Doesn’t matter either you want to make a small space or a narrower hallway look more extensive. If you need to introduce depth, excellence, comfort, and warmth to your areas like the bedroom, hallways, and entryways then runners’ rugs are the best option for your home, any style, any size!

Before purchasing a runner carpet online, you need to determine where to use them, because each area needs an alternative size, shading difference, and plan. MAT Living makes beautiful and quality runner rugs to revamp the small spaces and introduce colors to them. Here are some important reasons to introduce runner

Protect Your Floors –

Hardwood surfaces face a day by day surge of pedestrian activity, paw prints, coarseness, residue, and essential dreary mileage. A runner carpet keeps away fine particles from being ground into wooden floors and safeguard them from scratches.

Connect Your Spaces –

Without a profound solution, wrong size runners make your door, corridors and décor appear unpleasant. An ideal runner rug size ties the space together, induce a character, make the area visually appealing, and enhance the interior of your entryways, hallways, staircase, and bathroom.


Reduce Noise –

Walking barefoot on the floor can be noisy such as clacking heels, echoing voices, etc. Runner floor covering can decrease the sound and create quieter surroundings.


Add comfort –

Runners introduce comfort to hardwood flooring to walk on. Additionally, it gives a better foothold that diminishes the odds of anything slipping over the smooth hardwood floor surface. Rather than a chilly hard tricky floor, a luxury runner carpet furnishes you with something warm, agreeable, and protected under your feet.


Best for smaller areas –

Due to their limited width, these carpets are ideal for putting in more modest areas where a bigger are rug may not be the most reasonable. This is one of the essential reasons why these runner rugs are so famous with homeowners who use them as a simple method to change a long cool lobby, a room floor, or a restroom from dreary and dull to warm and splendidly beautiful.


Mollify Sleek Surfaces –

You frequently see little carpets and tangles on the floor by kitchen sinks, however, why not make any spot in the kitchen a gentler spot to stand? Other than being the ideal size and shape to traverse those long, tight pieces of uncovered floor, contemporary style runner with low pile can help balance the hard lines regularly found in kitchens. if the absence of shading or pattern torments your kitchen, the correct sprinter can likewise handle that issue instantly.


Best places to have a runner rug –

Hallways –

The most transitional area of a home is the hallway. If your dwell has a long boring corridor, it is the most obvious area to place a rug. Hand-tufted runners can transform a heavy traffic hallway into the cozier one and unify the space.

Kitchen –

Nowadays, kitchen rugs have become very trendy! Introduce a loom-woven runner rug between your cabinetry and island and look after the amazing revolution. Additionally, ensure that the grey runner is placed before the sink and experience luxurious touch beneath your feet while doing your daily kitchen chores. 


Staircase –

Handwoven runners become an important part of your home décor if you have wooden stairs. Wooden stairs look stylish and luxurious; still, they can be slippery sometimes. To deflect spills and falls, in case you have kids, roll down a runner on the stairs. It will bring up some interest to your staircase and keep it safer.   


Bathroom –

Bathroom runners are ideal for traversing the length of those twofold sink vanities and are an incredible method to implant the washroom with Instagram-commendable style.


Entryways –

At the point when visitors walk through the front entryway, let them feel welcome with a warm and welcoming home. Like foyers, the entrance is an ideal spot to put a sprinter floor covering, particularly if your door has limited width.

Just setting a brilliantly hued runner rug in the entrance can have a universe of an effect. It will help the entirety of your visitors make a sensational passage and gives them a warm inviting inclination


Bedroom –

Introduce maximum comfort when you wake up in the morning and put your feet on something extremely soft and warm. Runner rugs are perfect on the sideways of your bed.


Open floor plans –

An open floor plan must have one or multiple runners. Studio apartment spaces incorporate lounges and kitchen, parlors and lounge area or family rooms and study. As a result of this absence of direction, runner rugs can be utilized to characterize various spaces and guide guests around. For instance, in a comfortable studio loft, you can utilize a shaggy runner to manage your guests towards the eating or sitting territory and away from the resting area.


How to choose a runner rug?


Material –

As runners are layered in heavy traffic areas, so considering the material should be the real concern. Choose the durable rug material and hold upon a lot of footholds, pet paws, spills, and scratches. We suggest you opt for the wool rug runners. Wool material stretched out 30% and still reverse to its natural form.

Style –

Complementary area rugs will easily blend with your existing home décor and furnishings. Luxury style rug runner will exhilarate home accessories and introduce a bit of luxury to your area to engage your guests.

Color –

The color of an area rug is the mirror of your personality and lifestyle. Whether you want to induce a neutral look that will integrate a serene or minimalist touch to your narrow spaces or you like to introduce a dramatic effect to your area with bold contrasting colors. The runner colors entirely rely upon what kind of emotions or feelings you like to convey.

Texture –

Runner carpets are available in numerous shapes and forms. So determining the right texture for your rug is important. Go for a robust runner for a high traffic area or you can opt for a flat weave rug if you looking for a long-lasting rug that handles wear and tear. Flat-woven rugs are easy to maintain and an ideal option for hallways.


Get a customized runner rug –


Getting the right size of runner rug is tough, because, every area of the home is different from each other. There are chances that you will get the right size but that doesn’t mean you will get everything right such as color, style, texture, and material. MAT Living provides bespoke solutions to customize your runner rug according to personal needs.

So, if you are buying a runner rug online, explore MAT Living to find the best fit rug runner to define your narrow spaces.


Description –

Every home needs a rug even your narrow places. Here is why you need a runner rug and some tactics how to choose a perfect runner for your dwell. Get a customize rug runner at MAT Living.

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