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Color, Texture Or Size - How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Home Everytime

Choose A Perfect Rug For Your Home

Want to upgrade the aesthetics of your Room? Look forward and introduce rugs to add a versatile look to your home? You might be tempted to go for looks, but there are some factors that you should take into consideration before choosing a perfect area rug. Selecting a rug involves several key consideration according to your living space. 

Rug Styles

Before settling for what style you want for your home; think about the atmosphere you want to create in your home. It’s not compulsory that your rug should always match your interior but it should go with the textures and color tones of your furnishings. There are many styles of carpets available online that can make your room go from classic to contemporary, and traditional to modern. You can also pick the rug which goes with the style of your furniture or lighting.

Rug Colors

Color of your Rug is the most important thing to consider as it will set the tone of your entire room. Specifying rug color is the first step towards buying a rug online and it should go with furniture and lighting. You can select a solid color carpet if you have various shades in your room or you can choose a bright multi-color rug if don’t have furnishings. For a room with less furnishing, you must select a carpet that goes with the tone of flooring, ceiling, or walls.

Rug Patterns

The pattern of your rug must be selected with respect to the furniture and wall of your room. If your room furnishing and wall are painted in solid color, you can go with contemporary patterned area rug to brighten up your living space. In your wall and furnishing are in patterned style, you can pick a solid color area rug to add a charming effect to a specific area. The effect of pattern is associated with the color of the rug; hence it is important to consider how both will look together.

Rugs Maintenance

How much efforts are you willing to make to maintain the rugs, is an important factor to consider before choosing a carpet. For a higher traffic room, you must select a carpet that can be cleaned easily with vacuum cleaner. Some rugs are difficult to clean and needs professional cleaning. Some handmade mats are not to be exposed to sunlight while some can be drained to remove stains.

We are unable to drill down all the factor of choosing a perfect rug, here we are listing some more factors  -

Rug Shape - What is the shape of rugs; round, square, rectangle or customized?

Rug Size - What is the rug size you are looking for?

Budget - How much do you want to spend?

Visit our online rug store to checkout our latest collection and choose rug of your choice based on color, style, size, and pattern. 


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