Elevate Your Home Decor with Blanc Collection of Rugs

Elevate Your Home Decor with Blanc Collection of Rugs

Flooring is the foundation of an attractive and beautiful room, so why not use a resplendent and graceful area rug to set the tone of the entire room. Rugs add a sense of comfort and beauty in spaces. It defines the area and adds life to a room. No matter how perfect your sofa set is or how beautifully designed the chairs are, everything is incomplete without an exquisite rug. A carpet can bring all the elements of the room together and create a pleasing aura. Check out our collection of indoor and outdoor rugs and let the vibrant be the voice of your home.

The designs of our rugs are made keeping in mind the understanding of the living area and intelligent functionality. The timeless art of the handmade rugs with a touch of modernity will add elegance and color to your interiors.

From narrating India’s rich architectural heritage through exquisite designs to reflecting the unique artistry, we have an extensive range of best collections of area rugs to meet your style and budget requirements.

Best Collection of Carpets - Enhance Your Interiors With Blanc Collection

Lake Placid

The blend of waves and curves forming a hypnotic pattern defines the style and beauty of Lake Placid rugs. The modern abstract pattern of vibrant hues weaved beautifully will enhance the interiors of your home decor. Crafted with a blend of wool and viscose, this contemporary area rug is a perfect choice for plush interiors.


Want to elevate your living area? All you need to do is buy a Jamaica rug, a beautifully woven rug crafted with the coolest colors and the trendy themes. Crafted with wool, cotton, and viscose, it is a suitable fit to reflect your style. Warming up your tiles and providing a cozy comfort to the feet, it is an ideal choice to match your budget and taste. Buy now from our latest blanc rug collection!


Creativity has no boundaries, isn’t it true? The burst of colors displaying the innocence and magnificence of flowers and petals makes the Messina collection unique and amazing. Crafted with viscose and wool, it is a perfect piece of decor for contemporary dining rooms and living areas. Messina collection is a blend of durability, design, and comfort. Shop now from our Blanc collection of rugs!


Elevate your home interiors with some bold and vibrant colors from our exquisite collection of Optima rugs. From bold to subtle and everything in between, Optima rugs are an ideal choice to accentuate your home interiors. Meticulously crafted with pure wool, it is a super-luxurious choice for style connoisseurs.


Add some shimmer to your living area, dining room, or bedroom with this elegant and beautifully crafted floral Santoor rug. Meticulously hand-tufted using wool and viscose, Santoor collection is the modern take on the traditional design.

Final Thoughts

Warm up the tile floors while setting the tone of the entire room with beautifully crafted handwoven rugs. At Mat living, we have an array of traditional and contemporary rugs to accentuate your home interiors. Browse our latest collection of blanc rugs and choose the one that reflects your personal style.

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