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5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying An Area Rug in 2021

Purchasing a carpet for your living area is a tough job that can smash up your dreams of owning an ideal home décor if you choose any type of area rug without considering your home interior. Area rugs enrich the entire dwelling’s interior and add elegance to your home ambiance. Nobody likes to mess with their current décor. Once in a while, people take rug making decisions so quickly and end up with some critical and noticeable mistakes.

Buying an area rug that completely a mismatch will surely destroy the total sense of entire home furnishing. A perfectly matched floor covering can make your living area more beautiful and appealing. A carpet also protects your feet from cold and keep them warm. Here are some most common area rugs placement mistakes related to rug selection and rug placements

  1. Choosing the wrong size area rug – 

    Rugs are majorly used to define a living space and set boundaries. Picking up a wrong size area rug is the most common error while opting for or buying a rug. Either you find a too small or too big floor covering makes your décor acutely awkward. Too small carpet can make your place look smaller and crowded, and expose your hardwood floor to damage.

Choosing the wrong size area rug, Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying An Area Rug in 2021


  1. Avoiding an area rug pad or rug underlay – 

    Again, most people don’t think that purchasing an area rug overlay is required for their floor covering. Generally, everybody thinks that once they buy a rug their task is done and there is nothing else to look up to which needs consideration in your home interior. And the truth is ignoring to buy an area rug pad is entirely baseless. Generally, home owners think that investing money on hidden rug accessories is not worthy enough.


Avoiding an area rug pad or rug underlay,Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying An Area Rug in 2021


  1. Try to match or mismatch everything – 

    Two types of feelings that come with an area rug, such as it’s a match or a mismatch. When home owners buy a floor covering they like to make it a complete match of their home furnishing items, wall colors, and home décor. Matching a carpet excessively with your home hues can make your dwell loses its uniqueness. Although, purchasing a floor covering that doesn’t go with your home décor in any way is also a big no. Always remember overdoing or underdoing matching of an area rug can completely ruin the home interior.


Try to match or mismatch everything,Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying An Area Rug in 2021


  1. Not focusing on rug material – 

    There are numerous factors, you should consider while buying a carpet online or offline and material is one of them. But opting for the wrong rug material can be an inferior dream. Multiple rug materials are available in the market such as nylon, silk, wool, polyester, etc. But, it also leads to confusion. Most of the owners don’t do proper research about the rug material according to the traffic, placement, stain-resistant/absorbent, and durability, etc., and buy which looks appealing to them. Having the wrong rug material can cost you a lade and you won’t be able to relax.


Not focusing on rug material,Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying An Area Rug in 2021


  1. Rushing to buy an area rug –

    A most common mistake of online rug shoppers as well as offline buyers. People are always in rush to reach their home as soon as possible. Purchasing a rug in hurry can be a bit tricky, in case you find a fault after reaching your home. Major issues can be the rug material and perfect sizing.


Rushing to buy an area rug, Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying An Area Rug in 2021


Listed area rug mistakes are the most common errors while choosing and placing your rug in a specific area. Apart from these, we also suggest you to keep in mind the following mistakes –

  • Buying the wrong type of carpet for your space
  • Don’t know how to place an area rug
  • Having only one layer
  • Avoid showing some boldness

Description –

Here are some common rug placement mistakes that you should avoid while purchasing an area rug or runners. Contact MAT Living experts for the best material for individual spaces.

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