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Choosing an Area Rug For Your Living Room ?

Things to Consider While Choosing An Area Rug for Living Room

Searching for a quick method to revamp the aesthetics of a living room. Contemporary cum luxury area rug is a quick, effective, and great approach to upgrade your hardwood floor and home décor that can remodel your home. Floor coverings can be a powerful interior tool which can work as artwork on your wall and give a contemporary background to your dwell. To instantly boost color, warmth, and texture to your living room add carpets. But when it comes to choosing the right area rug to gratification. Here is some key consideration that you should focus on –


Consider Room Type –

Different types of spaces require individual floor covering. Entryways, kitchen, and living areas have heavy footfall than other living rooms. It is best to have a long-lasting area rug that is easy to clean. Dark color area rugs are considerable for high traffic areas and light color carpets are good for low traffic areas.


Size & Shape –

When it is about finding a perfect rug for a specific room from every size to shape, MAT Living is the best place to buy a carpet. Choosing a too small carpet as compare to room size is the most common decor mistakes. For an average-sized space, floor covering should be placed on a gap of 10 – 20 inches from the walls. According to the room size, the distance between mat and wall can vary from 8 inches to 24 inches. If you want to place a centered area rug, the distance of carpet and edges should be equal from all sides. 

Measure your living space to determine which floor covering dimension will fit best. Just follow some rules to select the perfect sized area rug for your home –

  • Avoid a floating area rug that a small rug is placed in the center of the room without touching any furniture.
  • In case you are not sure about the size of carpet, put down newspaper and cover the space to find the perfect rug size.

Don’t bound yourself to a standard rectangular shaped rug. Try to make your living space look much better with different shapes of carpets, such as oval area rug, square area rug, or circular rug.


Color –

Color is the most basic thing you should consider at initial levels as it can make or break the home décor. The rug color should go with your entire room tone. If you are following a specific color tone for your dwell, consider buying a neutral color area rug. In case, furnishing is still pending, opt for a multi-color area rug that adds a contemporary touch to your interior.




Rug is weaved by different types of fibers. Different rug material requires specific maintenance, before choosing rug materials you also need to consider children and pets. Generally, there are three types of rug materials

  1. Natural material - wool, cotton, silk, jute, sisal
  2. Synthetic material - acrylic, polyester, polypropylene
  3. Artificial material – viscose, bamboo silk, banana silk



Acrylic rug fibers are easy to clean. Acrylic threads are majorly used in hand tufted and woven rugs to replicate wool. This synthetic rug material is an economical substitute for wool with minor shedding, hard-wearing, and easy maintenance.


Polypropylene is also hardwearing and good for high traffic areas. It is usually used for creating flat weave area rug or shaggy carpets. This synthetic rug material is so soft and fluffy which adds extra comfort for your barefoot. Add some luxury to your dwell with our fluffy area rugs.


Viscose fibers are less durable than other type of rug materials. Generally, viscose felt are mixed with wool felt to weave a high quality area rug. But viscose floor covering is not recommended for high traffic areas as it is so subtle. Shop viscose area rug from MAT Living.


Cotton is used to design and create a flat weave area rug, but it is less enduring than sisal and jute. If you like to add some softness to your home and long lasting area rug for a high traffic area opt for a cotton area rug. Explore our endless selection of flat weave area rug or dhurries.


Wool is a highly durable natural felt which is easy to clean. A wool area rug adds warmth, reduces noise, and heat resistant. Wool is the best material for bedroom carpet, living room area rug, and living room floor covering. We have a huge collection of wool area rug at MAT Living, explore now.


Jute is a natural felt that is extremely persistent than other fibers and jute floor coverings are great in moderate and high traffic areas. Jute has similar properties as sisal fiber has. Introduce a jute area rug to improve your outdoor space.


High Pile vs. Low Pile Rug

It is crucial to think about what type of pile do you need for your home, a pile can be low, medium, or high. Low pile area rugs are usually robust than high-pile carpets and easy to clean and maintain. Low pile floor coverings are cost-effective and soft that can make any living space look more luxurious, cozier and inviting. Use a low pile carpet for a high traffic area, medium pile rug for moderate traffic, and high pile floor covering for maximum foot count.


Rug Placement

Keep in mind that area rugs are not fillers – it’s a center of attraction. A too-small rug makes the décor look awkward and a too big floor covering can make your home look clumsy. You don’t need an eagle eye to get proper sizing, use tape to know the right size of the rug that your home need. Placing a rug can also prevent an area rug from moving and add extra cushioning.


Apart from all these tips, we suggest you to introduce a centering area rug that fits the shape of furniture. Add a round floor covering to your bathroom or do some experiments with the color, pattern, and texture of carpet. In bedroom, put down a rug under the bed with two legs on the rug. Sisal and jute rug can be best for your exterior décor or high traffic area.


Description –

To instantly boost color, warmth, and texture to your living room add carpets. But when it comes to choosing the right area rug to gratification. Follow some key considerations.


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