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Amazing Rug Ideas For Your Kid's Room

Choosing A Perfect Rug For Your Kids' Room

When it comes to designing and decorating the interior of your homes, a lot of people overlook children's rooms. But the children's room is just as important since it is a place they will be growing and evolving, and it is therefore important to make it a happy and healthy space. When it comes to children's rooms, there are many things you simply cannot ignore; for instance, the bed, type of bed, size of the bed, rugs in the room, storage, etc. Choosing an ideal indoor area rug for your child's room can be quite a task since we need a rug that perfectly goes in sync with the rest of the interior, one that fits the size of the room, and one that securely stays in place since children's rooms can always be messy, given that they are always playing around.

Here's a great guide about the things that you should consider before choosing a rug for the kid's room or the nursery.


Size comes first while choosing a carpet. Even though you won't require rugs that are as big as living room area rugs since kid's rooms will be a bit smaller, so by considering the size of your kid's room, you should check for a mat that will fit spaciously within the given size. It won't cost huge amounts of money since children's rooms usually tend to be small as compared to other rooms in the house; thus, the flooring won't be a big one.

Shape & Size

The shape of the flooring is another important factor to consider. Opt for round area rug, square area rug or rectangle area rug. Apart from shape, the size of rug also matters. Flooring should be following the layout and furniture arrangements of the room. Make sure you get a rug that is big enough for the child to play and also covers almost the entire room without disturbing the furniture arrangements. Common furniture in children's rooms or nurseries includes bed, chairs, crib, study tables, a closet for storage, etc. Don't buy a floor cloth that makes you throw half the furniture away since you cannot accommodate all of this in your room. Usually, large rugs are recommended for rooms that have hardwood floors, and a relatively small area rug for rooms which have carpentered floors. In carpentered floors, rugs usually serve the purpose of adding some beauty and aesthetics to the room.

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The material of the rug is an extremely important thing to consider. First and foremost, you should check if the material is safe for inhaling and usage by your child, especially for babies. Other factors on rug material include the durability of the material, how comfortable it will be, is it easy to clean and maintain, is it safe for your child, and how much wear and tear the chosen material can hold.

Here is a list of the most common types of materials that are chosen for children's rooms' rugs.

Cotton Rugs

The best material with maximum comfort; cotton area rugs are not just affordable in your pockets but have other good qualities too. First of all, are, they are naturally hypoallergenic, and therefore very safe on children. They are lightweight and thin and, therefore, very easy to clean also. And in most cases, when there are marks or other stains on the rug, you can simply flip it over and use it as a brand new rug. Cotton carpets are great for kids who are constantly playing since they stay firm on the ground. But the material being very thin is not comfortable when kids are lying down on the rug. Cotton mats do not last for long.

Wool Rugs

If you are looking for a carpet that lasts long, then wool mats are the best option for you. They are way more durable than cotton rugs and wool being the light and the super-soft material it is, it provides maximum comfort to children. Just like cotton rugs, these are also very easy to clean and have great stain-resistant properties that will amaze you. Honestly, wool area rugs are so soft and plush that your kid wouldn't want to leave the rug for the bed. One disadvantage of wool floor cloth is that initially, they shed out a lot and takes time to keep their original texture. They might be a tad more expensive than cotton rugs. 

Polyester Rugs

These days, polyester carpets are the most popular types of rugs that are a favorite among the parent community. They are neither too thick nor too thin and are super easy to clean and maintain. They are easily available everywhere, and the best part is that they are super affordable. But since polyester area rugs come at both low and high prices according to their quality, make sure that even for polyester flooring; don't buy cheap rugs, which may affect the health and safety of your child.

 Why People Buy Polyester Rugs

While some people prefer to buy soft pastel shaded rugs, others may like darker solid shades, both of which are fine. Just go for a color that will go with your home's color palette and looks good with the rest of the things in the room. Also, make sure that the pattern you choose is suitable for children.



No matter what product you buy for your child, before you look for the price, quality, or any other thing, safety should be looked at. Because no product is ever worth compromising the safety of your child, and when it comes to rugs, always choose one that has non-slip rug pads underneath them. Children are always active and constantly running and playing around, so if you choose a rug that will slip or slide according to the child's movements, it can result in grave injuries.

Checkout MAT Living's kids rug collection to let your child play and study freely in a healthy environment. 

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