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5 Benefits of Choosing a Wool Rug for your Home

Rugs are very important as they can change the style of your home and add to its coziness. You choose Best Rugs as per your preferences of matching with Interior, Color Scheme, Furniture Style, etc. It is equally important to determine the material of the Rug as it decides whether the color and quality are going to stay for years to come.


Wool Rugs are soft underfoot and renowned for their quality and durability. Wools Rugs are a bit expensive as compared to the other synthetic fabric Rugs. Let us understand the benefits of Wool Rugs and decide whether it is worth the investment.


Stain Resistant:

The wool rugs have a natural wax coating on its surface due to the general properties of wool and thus it is naturally stain-resistant. Wool easily collects and absorbs the dust which resists it to appear on the surface, hence your Rug looks clean for many days. Wool has an ability to release this absorbed dust easily which makes it easy for you to clean your rug. Also, Wool is water-resistant and can soak a good amount of water before it starts to leak. This means spillage on your rug can be wiped off easily.



Wool has a longer life cycle as compared to other synthetic fabrics and it can retain its properties for many years. Moreover, it easily degrades in soil and releases important nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus into the soil. The processing of wool has a very small effect on the environment as compared to other natural or synthetic fibers. Old Rugs can also be recycled.

Healthy and Hypoallergenic:

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Wool Rugs act as a natural air filter as it absorbs all the dust and not holding it on the surface. Dust Mites that contribute to the conditions of Asthma and Eczema, does not like wool and can be easily avoided upon placing the Rug under sunlight. Hand Woven Rugs does not emit any Volatile Compound.

Fire Resistant:

Due to its high moisture content wool doesn’t carry the flame and it is more likely to extinguish itself when comes in contact with fire.


Wool Rugs are energy-efficient. They keep your house Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer. It can thus help to save electricity bills. More usage of Wool will provide a living to the Farmers and encourage them to rear Sheep for Wool rather than meat.


Wool Rugs have been the preferred choice of many people over the years as it is the most cost-effective and durable rug as compared to any other material.


Now that you know the benefits of wool Rugs, explore and buy online from our stunning collection of wool rugs that suits your home. Also, check out some of our favorite and best selling wool collections: Wako Lowell Area Rug, Mariam Baltimore Area Rug, Nile Lansing Area Rug, and Kea Khema Area Rug.


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