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All About Leather Area Rug : Hair On Hide Rug

Add Luxurious Touch To Your Decor With Leather Area Rug

Leather Area Rugs are the best way to induce softness, romance and a touch of luxuriousness. Hide area rugs are the great solution for living room, bedroom and moderate traffic area of your home to give them a modernized look.

Hairs on hide have a rich color palette – Hides are naturally hued and also have the solid-dyed options. Leather rugs are fabricated using natural, dyed or stenciled hair-on hides. Which one will go with your home décor is entirely dependent on your preferences.

Keep in mind that coloring patterns vary according to type of hide, so each and every hide is unique. Here are some advantages of using a leather area rug.

Durable & Long Lasting

Hide Leather area rug are the most versatile and durable for your dwell. It improves the texture and looks of your home.


Most of hair on hide rugs are hypo-allergenic and fragrance less. It does not need regular vacuuming.

Extremely Versatile

Hair on hide comes into multiple colors, whether its natural or solid dyed. It is an excellent choice for home and office.

Easy Maintenance

Simple vacuuming and shaking are enough to remove dust and debris.

Checkout MAT Living’s endless collection of Leather Rugs to revitalize your entire décor.

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