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Whether you have a hard surface of wood or laminated floor, area rugs induce a lot of practical benefits for your floor apart from making your living space interesting and engaging. Carpets add comfort, warmth, and a finishing touch to your home décor.

Choosing a natural color rug for your space is similar to buying shoes for yourself. No matter how well dressed up you are, or what luxury accessories you carry, the wrong shoes can ruin it all. Suppose, you are dressed up for a party with a matching set of accessories and a well-set hairstyle but sports shoes on your feet. Ewww... Wait, add to those wrong sized sports shoes. Can it get worse?

Finding perfect multi area rug factors from color, texture, pattern, size, and material to weaving techniques according to your living area and traffic. And once you decide on the right floor covering, placing a grey carpet in the perfect direction can be also a tough task.

Selecting the best color and pattern of Rug decides how will your room look but the right size will complement the overall look. There is no standard rule to describe the right size of brown floor covering but it solely depends on your objective of placing a mat in your room. A contemporary Area Rug can be a focal point to your room or an accent, depending upon the size and placement. Hence the size of your Rug is very important as it can make or break your room.

With the help of our expert Designers, we are listing some details on how they use different sizes and color of carpets and what design aesthetics they follow. This blog will help you as a guide to find the Best Rug Size for your room and order the best rug online.

Different Rug Sizes

Before determining the standard rug size before you make a purchase, locate your home furnishing accessories at the right place. Find out whether your furniture will remain on the rug, off the carpet, or half on/ half off the floor covering. Always maintain the distance of 24 inches between the mat and wall because we want to induce coziness to the room not claustrophobic.

Carpets are available in multiple sizes and picking a size for your room depends on many factors like Room Size, Furniture, Placement, and Orientation of Rug, etc. Some basic Rug Sizes easily available for buying rugs online are –

Living Room Rug

living room area rug size


There are three methods to put a living room rug with no ‘right’ answer as it completely depends on your personal preferences. At first, be a bit controversial, and try to put all your furniture legs off the floor covering. This style was popular in the 90’s century but it needs a comeback as it works great for small places.

Second, putting your furniture legs half on / half off the wool area rug is also an excellent approach. This gratifies all the living areas and a cost-effective option too.

Third, permitting all the furniture legs on a contemporary area rug will introduce a stunning style to your home décor. It is a great option for a large living area with minimal furniture.

Before buying a luxury rug online for your living room, you must consider your furniture size and list down the possible layout options using the carpets. Also if you have an open plan for your living room or a defined space, the floor covering size will be different for both the setup. Let’s see what different sized living room carpets can be found for your living room at MAT Living.

9’ X 12’ Rug

A large-sized 9 by 12 Moroccan area rug allows you to place all legs of the furniture on the charcoal floor covering, bringing together all the elements of the room and leaving only a few inches of flooring around the carpet that gives a look at the border.

8’ X 10’ Rug

An 8 by 10 leather rug is perfect for a large living room or an open plan living area. It allows you to place the front legs of the furniture on the beige carpet with back legs off, creating a conversational area in your living room. It opens up the area around your furniture giving a proper surface to walk upon.

6’ X 9’ Rug

A 6 by 9 contemporary area rug is ideal for a small-sized living room. With only 2 legs of the chair on the blue floor covering and the sofa completely off, it defines a perfect conversation area in your living room.

5’ X 7’ Rug

5 by 7 geometric rug is ideal for a small living room, only a coffee table is placed on the purple area rug with all other furniture surrounding it. It can also be used near a fireplace where two chairs are arranged on the carpet.

3’ X 5’ Rug

A 3 by 5 textured rug can add a welcoming texture to the entrance of your living room.

Dining Room Rug

dining room area rug size


Create a perfect symmetry with the same shape of the rug as the dining table. Circular dinette table looks extraordinary with a round or square floor covering. Rectangular and oval dining table function perfectly with rectangular mats. Usually, square dinette works best with square carpets, however, round carpet could work for a more fun loving feel. 

The dining table carpet should have at least 24 inches away from each side to add adequate space for family members. The rug should not be slide when you remove the chairs. You can also select a wider border area rug for your dining room. To ensure the correct rug size, measure the dimension of your dining table and accumulate at least 24 inches from all sides. Shop for the best dining carpet for your home at MAT Living.

8’ X 10’ Carpet

8 by 10 solid area rug is the best for the large dining arrangement of 8 Chairs, it leaves enough space on all the sides for placing chairs on the rug. Chairs can be shift swiftly and out with a good amount of space between two chairs. If you have a big dining area, leave a few inches off the floor around the rug to anchor the space.

For an adjustment of 6 Chairs, a rectangular rug will leave about 30 inches on all sides between the floor covering and the wall to frame the space.

Round Shaped Rug is also famous for the adjustment of a table with 6 Chairs. Circular green carpet unifies the entire dining area and complements the arrangement.

6’ X 9’ Carpet

6 by 9 Medallion rug under the table of 4 is the best option of choosing either a rectangular or round golden hue carpet. Adequate distance on all sides of the table permits you to easily float the arrangement of tables and chairs.

Bedroom Area Rug

bedroom area rug size


Like black living room rug, you also have two-three placement options with bedroom rugs. First, put 1/3 of the bed on the carpet, and second place the bed on 2/3 of the carpet.

A perfect floor covering for your bedroom depends on the size of your bed and the room. You can try the multiple carpet sizes and various placement of the rug depending on where your bed is placed. Explore MAT Living to find the perfect bedroom carpets.

King Size Bed

9 by 12 leather rug works best for the king-size bed which has nightstands on each side. It lays completely under your bed leaving 2 feet of the rug on each side to give you a soft and cozy surface for your feet as you walk out of the bed every morning.

Queen Size Bed

9 by 12 and 8 by 10 Moroccan carpet, both rug sizes provide enough space to step on the rug. With this adjustment, you can also put the floor covering at the end-of-bed bench for extra seating.

Queen Size with Round Rug

8 feet round wool rug fits nicely under the queen-size bed. It adds a stylish touch and comfort to land on any side of the bed.

Single Bed

6 by 9 or 5 by 7 textured carpet fit for the Single Bed, leaving enough space all around the bed. You can also use two smaller Rugs of 3 by 5 striped rug on both sides of the bed.

Twin Bed

Placing a 3 by 5 border rug between two single beds is a great option. You can also place a runner rug between the two beds.

Kitchen Area Rug

kitchen area rugs size


Consider the shape and size of your kitchen to find out the perfect kitchen floor covering. The space in front of the sink is the perfect and most functional area for your rug. If you have a large kitchen, you can opt for multiple carpets.
If you need a kitchen carpet near your kitchen island opts for a 5’ X 7’ or 3’ X 5’ rug on either or both sides. For a longer visible space, go for a kitchen runner of a size of 2.5’ X 10’.

The smaller kitchen gets to more wear and tear such as 3’ X 5’, 2.5’ X 7’ works best for the open floor. Choose your ideal kitchen rug size at MAT Living.


runner rug size


Rugs Runner is used at a place with a long stretch of floor. It can be used in a passageway of your home or front of the fireplace. It comes in different sizes of 2.5’ X 7’, 2.5’ X 10’, 3’ X 5’, 5’ X 7’, and adds dimension to the narrow spaces of your room.

You have to consider these natural carpet sizes and your room size before ordering a Rug online. With a proper mat size for your room, you can justify the placement of the white area rug and its purpose. Order the perfect sized floor covering for your bedroom at MAT Living and get the rug delivered to your doorstep.


Choosing the right rug size of Rug for your home to change the overall impact of your home. MAT living is offering some tips to find the best rug based on color, texture and size.

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