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Accent Rug Vs. Area Rug: The Difference Between The Accent Rugs And Area Rugs

So, you have buying area rugs, and you are looking for carpets categorized as accent rugs or area rugs. Presently you're pondering, "Should I go for an accent rug or an area rug?"

Opting for accent rugs or area rug is entirely dependent on your personal choice and what your home décor demands. Still, a trendy look, observing some primary floor covering arrangement rules is a smart thought. To follow them, you need to know the difference.


Accent Rug 

Accent Rug


Accent carpets are typically more modest than area rugs, are amazingly flexible, and can deliver various purposes in your home decor. They are also determined to throw rugs or dissipate carpets. Whether you are renovating your living room, guest room, bedroom, kitchen, entryways, or passage, there is an accent rug that is perfect for your space!

An accent floor covering, is a small rug mainly intended to induce color and texture to an area, can additionally cover the entire area of living space. This transforms it into a floor covering also. An illustration of this accent/area half breed is a corridor rug or runner.

Accent rug specifications –

  • Accent carpets are more modest than area floor covering, yet not as long as runner rugs.
  • These floor coverings are extraordinary in the kitchen, before a fireplace, in a kid's room, and doorways.
  • Accent rugs are additionally called throw carpets or disperse mats.


Why do you use accent rugs?

A Splash of Color

Bring some colors into your living spaces without staggering them. Accent rugs can inconspicuously bring vivid patterns and plans into space without ruling it. To add to their flexibility, accent carpets are more modest than region floor coverings and can without much of a stretch be changed with the seasons or your adjustments in inclination.


Use with Larger Rugs

Try to create a combinational décor with an accent rug and a large area rug in your home. Numerous carpets come in a few shapes and sizes. You can discover multiple floor coverings with a similar plan in a few sizes. This will keep the look quite uniform. You can likewise mix and match floor coverings that are diverse also. On the off chance that you decide to use various kinds of carpets, ensure they are comparative in any event one manner. Possibly every area rug is finished with lines or offer a tone. The surface can likewise be the equivalent.

Use in Small Spaces

Accent rugs are the best approach to occupy little spaces, yet additionally, look extraordinary at the foot of a sink or in an entrance since they can shroud stains that may somehow or another end up on the floor. Many holiday and seasonal accent flooring look incredible here too, particularly if they are coordinated with another comparative style. A bathroom that needs some tone would look extraordinary with a couple of accent rugs in the perfect spots.

Child's rooms are another incredible spot to discover little spaces for accent mats. If there is a little household item or stylistic layout that has some additional room around it, get a small rug to make that space the point of convergence of the room.


Area Rugs –

Area rug


An area rug is an amazing way to transform your home décor. If you love to introduce a luxurious style to your home – choosing a floor covering is a decent approach. When looking for the right size floor covering, pick one that is generally a similar shape as the going with furniture. Bunch the furniture around it or on top of it, place a table, work area, or bed at its middle—and you're all set!

Area rugs specification –

  • Area rugs are majorly handmade or machine-made.
  • Available in large sizes that can go with any home décor and make a huge space look great.
  • Placement of the area rug is important to improve the room’s look and feel and unify your furniture grouping.
  • Manage the distance of at least 18 inches from the wall on each side to set the room layout and create passages. 
  • If the room is smaller then leave 8 inches from all sides of the wall. 
  • Have a 2” margin to diminish the chances of error while picking up the right size floor covering. 


Enhances home decoration

Enhances home decoration


If your hard surface flooring is looking poor or ragged, then a contemporary area rug can make your home look fascinating. The floor covering is an important part of your home which can lead to some significant changes in your home such as dwell interior. A modern wool area rug is the best way to cover your floor and inoculate it from dust. Contemporary carpets are enough to upgrade the décor of any floor.

The feel of warmness

The feel of warmness


A wool contemporary area rug is the best home furnishing item to introduce a soft and warm touch to your dwell. A woolen area rug at MAT Living is made with a blend of New Zealand wool, viscose, and cotton. Improve the entire look of your home and make it a bit cozier with a wool carpet. The wool area rug feels so soft when you walk on it barefoot. Find a hand-tufted area rug with a high pile adds a rich impression.

Durable product

Durable product


A handmade contemporary area rug lasts longer as it is woven with wool and cotton. The flat weave contemporary cotton area rug is highly durable. A low pile height can be long lasting in hallways and entryways. The modern rag made with wool, jute, cotton, polypropylene, nylon, sisal, jute, and seagrass are extremely durable and handle high traffic areas easily.

Noise reduction

Noise reduction


A contemporary area rug will reduce the noise in your living area. Carpet makes your space quieter by absorbing the sound from the air. Tile or wooden flooring doesn’t absorb the sound and can cause a slight echo. Lay down an area rug and check the difference.

Now, you understand the dissimilarities between accent rug and area rugs and you also have awareness about both kind of rugs make your home more beautiful in different ways. Now you can identify which one you should opt for your small areas and you can mix and match both accent rug and area rug in large living area.


Description –

Want to know the differences between accent rugs and area rugs? MAT Living is providing some characteristics, benefits of using accent rugs and area rug in your home. Checkout now

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