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A Room-by-Room Rug Size Guide | Interior Designer Trends 2021 – MAT Living

Rugs are home furnishing accessories that characterize the interior of your dwell; transiting the rug in a way that goes with your lifestyle and guest perspective. Handwoven rugs can set the tone of your home interior by uniting everything into a consistent style. A floor covering has a specific tone, pattern, material, and size that contributes to building a specific appearance.
When you are buying an area rug for your room, here are some question you should have in your mind such as “what size should I buy?”, “What color should I chose?”, “What kind of rug material will go with traffic?” and “what kind of weaving technique do you require? But while opting for an area rug, you will have too many preferences for your room.
There are endless possibilities to revamp your interior and exterior with carpets. Still, there are some rules, you need to follow by keeping your preferences on your priority –


Living Room Area

Living Room Area Rugs Size
While selecting a living room area rug, scrutinize your home furnishing accessories and observe multiple layout alternatives for layering the carpet. Consideration is necessary as we all love to rearrange our furniture after a time. Doesn’t matter your lounge area is open floor plan or a specific closed area, floor coverings improve the aesthetics of your décor. Outdoor area rugs define the open living area and boost the acoustics of the exterior. Buy the perfect Scandinavian design living area rug at MAT Living.

General rules for living area mats –
  • Specific living room carpet sizes are 6’ X 9’, 8’ X 10’ and 9’ X 12’.
  • 9 by 12 carpet is perfect for 12’ X 18’ lounge; 8 by 10 floor covering is ideal for 11’ X 13’ living space, and 6 by 9 mat is great for small-sized living room.
  • Ensure your floor covering is at 6″ more extensive (8″ is ideal) than your couch from both sides.
  • Add 30″ to 36″ of passage between large furniture or it should be at least 18”-24”. That will assist you to define an ideal rug size.
  • For a huge lounge, the furniture acts as a focal point; a lounge rug should be big enough that furniture can be placed on the top without being cramped.
  • If your couch is against the fence, put on the front two legs on the rug of all furniture.

Dining Room Area

Dining Room Area Rug
The dining room is another area of gathering and engagement. In the dinette area, you can usually layer the rug directly beneath the lunch table and focused on the space. A mat under your table can protect your floor from noise muffle, scratches, spills, and worn. Set the chairs entirely on the floor covering with sufficient room to haul the seats out and still stay over the dining rug. To improve the complete décor and make the space feel balanced, complement the eating area with the same shape of dining carpet. Keep in mind you’re your dining floor covering should be extending 24” or so from all sides of the table to avoid chairs going off the floor covering when pulled back and annoying snags.

General rules for dining area rugs –
  • Standard dinette floor covering of 8’ X 10’ or 9’ X 12’.
  • 8’ by 10’ dining carpets for 6 seating small eating tables; 9’ by 12’ breakfast rugs for 8 chairs medium breakfast table; and 10’ by 14’ dinette floor covering for 10 chairs large dining table.
  • Require 24” – 30” on each side to slide the chairs for the perfect rug.
  • A rectangular table should have a rectangular rug below the table, while a square or round table should have a square or round carpet.
  • Avoid light colors.
  • Rug materials that are durable and long-lasting.

Bedroom Area

Bedroom Area Rug
A perfect bedroom area rug saves your chilly toes and adds coziness & comfort. It also adds to the aesthetics of your bedroom, hides stains, and protects floors. Placing a bedroom carpet helps you to keep your personal space warm, quiet, and provide a soft and comfortable flooring to walk upon. Won’t you love waking up and getting out of bed to land your feet on soft and comfortable flooring?
Additionally, you will like your bedroom floor covering to either end short in direction of the main path or to increase past them but not on the edge of the rug. An ideal bedroom carpet completely relies upon the dimensions of your room and bed.

General rules for a bedroom area rug –
  • A bedroom carpet should extend 36” and so all around the bed.
  • Runners are the best option to use on both sides to add a cozier foundation for your feet.
  • Standard rug sizes for twin XL or twin beds are 6’ by 9’.
  • For queen and queen size beds, the ideal size of the bedroom rug is 8’ X 10’ or 9’ X 12’.
  • The complete bed set on the textured area rug with all its other nearby accessories such as nightstands and a bench at the foot of your bed.
  • Only two-thirds of your bed is on the luxury carpet and nightstand sitting on the hardwood surface.
  • If you have a smaller rug, put one-third bed is on the contemporary area rug.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area Rugs
Despite the size and state of your kitchen, space before the kitchen sink is an awesome, practical spot to layer your kitchen area rug. It's the place where we stay for longer timeframes so the additional comfort in the kitchen is truly appreciated to create a difference.
The kitchen sink is usually centralized on a fence with cabinetry adjoining, so organize your kitchen carpet with both your deck and cabinetry and spot the floor covering focused before the sink.
General rules for a kitchen area rug –
  • For a large kitchen, the ideal rug size would be 9’ X 12’, 8’ X 10’, or 6’ X 9’.
  • For a medium kitchen, the kitchen rug size would be 5’ by 7’, 3’ by 5’, or a runner can also be a good choice.
  • For a small kitchen that can easily get messed up, a 3’ X 5’ kitchen area rug is enough.
  • For a long layout kitchen, a runner will be a great choice.
  • Runner rugs are perfect to furnish the narrow spaces such as the kitchen island or nearby counters.

Bathroom Area

Bathroom Area Rugs
The bathroom area rug plays an important role to renovate the complete décor, protect you and your family from allergens, and improve your daily routine. MAT Living is providing some important tips to keep the bathroom safer, brighter, and engaging by accommodating a bathroom carpet that harmonizes the décor of the living space.

General rules for a bathroom area rug –
  • For double vanity, opt for a 2’ X 5’ bath rug.
  • Want to set a rug at the door of your shower or in the front of the pedestal sink, 1.5’ X 2’ size is the perfect bathroom floor covering.
  • To add comfort outside of your bathtub, get a 2’ by 3’ bathroom rug.
  • If you have a huge bathroom, go for a 2.5’ X 4’ sized bath carpet.

Note –
Tips for starting your rug journey –
1. Measure all the dimensions of every area whether it is your kitchen, living area, dining room or bedroom.
2. Make a mind how would you like to keep your place of relaxation, learning, or having fun.
3. Note down all the colors of your interior including lights, plants, and home furnishing accessories to find the perfect rug color scheme.

These are the three most common pieces of advice that will boost your confidence while buying a rug online.

All these rug sizing tips are just for inspiration to enable you to find the perfect rug for your room. Make your space more special with MAT Living luxury rugs. You can also check out our outdoor rug guide for your patio or porch.

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