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10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

There are multiple benefits of introducing an area rug all through your home which include comfort, noise reduction, appearance, and versatility as floor coverings are accessible in multiple hues, patterns, and fibers. Supplanting torn out area rug with a fresh rug can rejuvenate a living space that has strayed its welcoming appeal. Numerous rug types and styles are accessible which makes picking the correct tones, patterns, and fibers a troublesome task. While buying an area rug, it is important to choose the perfect color to suit the style of your home and the right kind of rug material so you can give compelling rug care and support.
MAT Living is providing amazing 10 tips to consider when buying the right area rug –

1. Choose the right rug pad:

Rug padding is significant for offering extra support and cushioning for the floor covering and picking insufficient cushioning or no cushioning at all will culminate in wear and tear. Quality carpet cushioning material is produced using elastic or froth and forestalls the crumbling of the rug support and strands. It can likewise protect your floors, reduce noise, insulate your home. Ensure to choose a floor covering that coordinates the rug you like to purchase. We, at MAT Living, suggest you add a firm and thick rug pad in the high traffic areas.


2. Choose the rug style:

There are multiple floors covering styles accessible in the market, such as high pile, textured finish, frieze, and Berber; and every one of them has its unique look and feel. Numerous homeowners might need to choose a rug style dependent on the look, however, you ought to consider the maintenance and support that each style requires first. Plush pile rugs are best suited for low to moderate traffic areas of your home like a living room and bedroom because foot impressions and vacuum tracks can show up in the pile. Berber rug is exceptionally thick and sturdy which makes it appropriate for high traffic regions and finished and frieze covering conceals soil and flotsam and jetsam which likewise settles on it a decent decision for high traffic zones.

3. Consider rug prices:

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

New area rug prices vary remarkably between various styles and rug material which makes it conceivable to locate a high-quality area rug that suits your home decor perfectly and budget. It assists with thinking about where the rug will be introduced when looking because the area of the rug in your home can assist you with deciding the correct cost. Stain-safe area rug is among the costlier choices yet it very well might merit the cost in a territory that is vigorously utilized like the family room. Tile rugs might be a more financially savvy choice if you have pets or children since you can supplant areas of stained or exhausted covering rather than the entire thing. Areas that are inclined to high traffic or harm, for example, flights of stairs and cellars ought to get coverage with less expensive materials. Check out MAT Living.


4. Choosing the right rug provider:

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

You can buy an area rug from multiple resources such as rug manufacturer, rug retailer, rug supplier, or online rug websites. However, we suggest you buy a carpet from well-known rug companies, and MAT Living is one of the leading rug brands in the USA. We are specialized in rug designing & creation and have a huge selection of luxury area rug, contemporary area rug, traditional carpets, vintage floor covering, and shag rugs. MAT living also has a collection of featured area rugs that are in trend, high in quality, durable, stain-safe, and long-lasting.


5. Consider rug care & maintenance

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

Rug needs regular care and maintenance to maintain the visual appearance and keep rug filaments as new. Continuous vacuuming exercises are necessary to keep up the beauty of the wool yarn. A brand new shag area rug discards fibers; there is nothing to do with it. But regular vacuuming of an oriental floor covering will promptly decrease rug shedding. A handy vacuum cleaner with an upholstery tool is the best method to clean the fringed edges. Stain-proof rugs are ideal for high traffic areas as they need less cleaning and resistant to dirt. Make sure you know about the upkeep prerequisites for a rug type before you purchase so you can dodge high support covering that you can't enjoy yourself. Notwithstanding what sort of contemporary area rug you choose, having them cleaned with proficient rug cleaning administrations once a year can enormously expand their life.


6. Be careful with rug warranties:

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

Every rug retailer provides numerous types of warranties for their area rugs consisting of five to ten years’ warranties, stain-safe warranties, tangling and pulverizing warranties. Notwithstanding, these warranties can be hard to work with light of the fact that a property holder's meaning of "wear" may not match the maker's meaning of "wear." Most imperfections in a rug are an aftereffect of the establishment so try to ask your rug retailer before purchasing anything that your alternatives are if you are discontent with the rug establishment. Check out all the rug warranties before buying an area rug for your home.


7. Try before you purchase a rug made with natural material –

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

With a moderate sticker price, extraordinary surface, and exemplary look, natural material carpets —along with wool, leather, pet yarn, sisal, jute, and ocean grass—have a great deal going for them. However, where normal strands like cotton and fleece area rugs are in general easy to clean and maintain while these floor covering materials can end up being trickier. The major thing about the dining area rug is the texture – the better and smoother it is, the simpler it will be to clean. Then again, it very well may be almost difficult to eliminate ground-in food from truly nubby common fiber mats. View yourself as cautioned!


8. Selecting colors and patterns:

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

Choosing the correct color or pattern for your area rug can be the most important piece of the cycle because there are unlimited alternatives accessible. A few things you should determine before picking a modern rug incorporate the sort of feeling or state of mind you need to make and whether you need the floor covering to be a point of convergence or foundation outfitting in a room. Try some rug samples home with you to perceive what they resemble with the remainder of the room in the common light before settling on a choice. If you want to add a contemporary and luxury style, choose a modern area rug, or for a traditional area rug choose oriental or kilim area rugs.


9. Choosing rug runners for stairs:

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

Stairways always have a huge penetration activity and a rug on a staircase should be twisted around each step during the layering process, making it imperative to pick a sturdy runner rug for stairs. Runner floor covering for steps should be produced using cut heap material rather than circled heap materials that can turn out to be too loosened up over steps, and it should likewise be thick to prevent wear and tear. The most ideal choice of runner for stairs covering is hand woven or flat woven wool runner rug since it is amazingly tough yet it is additionally very costly.


10. Go green by choosing an environmental-friendly rug:

10 Tips to Consider When Buying Area Rug for Your Home in 2021

New area rug and rug pad that are made from synthetic rug material consist of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can affect the indoor quality and cause certain wellbeing impacts such as hypersensitivities and respiratory issues. You can avoid synthetic area rug and opt for handmade natural material carpets such as a wool rug, silk floor covering, jute mat, leather area rug, and cotton carpets. Natural rug materials are durable, eco-friendly, stain-resistant, coarse texture, and don’t have harmful chemicals in them. Checkout MAT Living handmade rug collection of the wool area rug.


A great area rug enhances the appearance of any living space and brings joy whether it is your dining area, living space, bedroom, lobby, or kitchen. Complement your home décor with bold and interesting colors that can add a contemporary style to your dwell. Let’s have a look at our featured rug selection to induce some luxury to your living areas.


MAT living is providing a short guide of 10 amazing rug tips while buying and area rug for your home that helps you to choose the ideal area rug for your home.

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